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The work of others

     Hardanger embroidery             623 mb/Maxine Diffey of NZ, phb/Noeline Becker

    622 mb/JB in process



       358 wip by JL This shows a pair of cuffs and a collar, in process.   The 2 cuffs are finished, but need to be cut loose of the fabric.  The collar has the outer rows of buttonholing and satin stitching finished, but needs another row of The kloster blocks done, and also the cutting and needle weaving inside the kloster units is still to do.



         360 wip by JL

This beautiful piece was photographed while still in process, made by JL.  It uses a single weave linen fabric.  You can see the working order:  Do all the kloster blocks first, with any eyelets.  Then do the cutting and lace fillings.


Links to photos of Hardanger

Collection of photos (my pinterest board)


Yvette Stanton


Colette Robinson

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