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All the Hardanger I've done has been from my own designs, except for a few that are adaptations of the designs of others (none are exact copies).

My Small Practice Designs

I made a large number of small ones because I wanted to practice all the different shapes of kloster blocks, sizes and shapes of motifs, and all the different lace fillings that I could find.  Some of these are available as patterns for sale.  All on this page made by me.   Patterns are available for sale.

  H1  H4  

  H2 Explained in detail on Hardanger Tutorial page.  H120       H15                             

   H3       H3a H3a      Hardanger embroidery H5 

  H147 H147     H10     H110 H110     H76    

    Both H 11      Hardanger embroidery H124     H111 H111

          All H7.  The 1st is too plain, so I figured out a way to dress it up for the 2nd and 3rd.  The 2nd is worked according to the 7 stitches over 6 threads system.  It is just a matter of interpreting my diagram differently.  The photo doesn't show it, but the 2nd is larger because each kloster block covers 6 x 6 fabric threads:  the whole design just gets larger.

5 over 4 7 over 6 14 count Aida.  All H8
In the 3 pieces above you can see how certain motifs can be treated differently, according to the personal taste of the stitcher.  The eyelets can be worked between the buttonholed edge and the diagonal row of kloster blocks nearest the edge, as in the center example.  Or the eyelets can be worked between 2 diagonal rows of kloster blocks, as in the left piece.  Or eyelets can be dispensed with entirely, and the centers of the little 4 block units can be cut out and left empty, as in the right example.


     5 over 4      7 over 6   H9

     H12   H13         H84  


  Hardanger embroidery      Both H20

  Both H21  

       All H25  The last has more space between the cable stitch and the 4 sided stitch.

   H42   Edelweiss filling  H42a        H32     H27

  H23  H43  These are the same design: H23 for a 12 thread kloster unit and H43 for a 20 thread kloster unit.


  H31       H98             H98a

       H26            H29  


  Hardanger bookmarks H116  H116a     H115 

H113    H109    


Adaptations from designs of others: these adaptations are not exact copies, but have changes, subtractions or additions from the originals.
Both H19.  Notice small differences in interpretation. H114
H19 and H19a are adaptations of a layout from the new Anchor Hardanger book.  In both the original had a 16 thread block as the basic unit; I reduced it to a 12 thread block.
Both H22  This is an adaptation of a layout from the new Anchor Hardanger book.


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