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All the Hardanger that I have made are my own designs, except for a few that are adaptations of other people's work.  So far they are all small to medium size pieces.   Some of these are available as patterns for sale.   New ones.    All on this page made by me Patterns available for sale.

My Projects

Hardanger embreoidery H97             H97

H105  H105o   H105                 H149  H149o     H149      

 Hardanger embroidery    Hardanger 145 detail  H 145  

Hardanger embroidery  H35oa     H 35a       

  Hardanger embroidery  H85           Hardanger embroidery  Hardanger  H102 

 H137  H137                       Hardanger embroidery  H 77  

          H53           H39

         H57            Hardanger embroidery  H56 

  Hardanger 78  Hardanger 78  H78o   Hardanger embroidery  H78

Hardanger 87    Hardanger embroidery   H87           

H88  Hardanger embroidery  H88  H88  H88

  H86a     H86  Pattern free on this website here.

Here you can see that the dark color obscures the design.


Adaptations from designs of others: these adaptations are not exact copies, but have changes, subtractions or additions from the originals.

  Hardanger embroidery        H103  Adapted from Sigrid Bright (Her book reprinted by Dover.)  Her design was based on 20 thread motifs (I used 12 thread motifs), and she had 3 repeats per side (I reduced it to 2).


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