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   needlelace   needle lace  Needle lace by   Alix Hengen Muhlen.  621   Alix Hengen of Luxembourg has generously shared photos of lace she has made, and given permission for me to display them here.  

needlelace  needle lace Needlelace by Alix.  619 AHM   Alix's  2 handkerchiefs finished in 2003 are as good in workmanship and design as any antique piece.  Absolutely superb!  She writes: "These are 2 handkerchiefs, of about 500 hours work each.  One is a new pattern of Mrs Boone in Art Deco fashion [the 1st] , the second is a Duchesse pattern  I found in a book by Mme Parfait-Laitem."

needle lace 782 AHM  The design is made of 4 repeats.

Zele needle lace  needle lace from Zele  769 From the lace school at Zele, m/b Marie Louise Dervent.  Photo provided by Alix Hengen.

needlelace   628  needle lace Needle lace designed and made by Martha Halbert.  oth627  She used 80/2 cotton on the first angel, and used it to try out several different stitches from Therese de Dillmont's  ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NEEDLEWORK.  On the second angel she used Mettler 50/3 for outlining (cordonnet) and Brok 100/2 for filling and couching.  Martha says: "What I really like about needlelace is that you can take any shape or picture that you see or can think up and design a pattern using the various filling stitches that are available.  We make some of our pieces by taking small motifs out of antique lace and copying them."

needle lace  Needlelace by Irma Osterman.,  one of America's foremost needle lace makers and teachers.  oth624  "Let Me Grow Lovely Growing Old".   It is a marvelous mixture of guipure and mesh grounded  needlelace.  She has also used gold thread and colors wonderfully, although one never sees antique needlelace that is colored.  This is a truly modern piece with design and execution equal to any antique lace I have ever seen.    

 point de gaze needle lace - modern 625   made and designed by Irma Osterman, in the style of Point de Gaze.

modern needle lace in the antique style 662   needle lace  661   reticella lace 663  db/ and m/b Liz Ligeti

See a collection of her work at:      and at

needlelace - Chinese   needle lace Made in China, late 20th century, Probably 1970s-80s.

Also see:     This link takes you directly to the photos:  Look for albums labeled "Contemporary needle lace".

Needle lace by living lace makers.    Look near the bottom of the page.

Elizabeth Ligeti's album on the arachne flickr group.  Needle lace and bobbin lace,doc,pol,glownaen,1426,0,306,1,1426,ant.html


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