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In the lace identification part of this website there are many photos of laces from private collections, whose owners allowed me to photograph the laces and have given permission for me to include them in public lectures or  in my website.  Among these first is Elizabeth Kurella (EK). Without her pieces, I wouldn't have anything really old to show you.    I also want to thank Nancy Hansen (NH), Rosemary Horr (RH), Barbara Howard (BH),  Kathy Kauffmann (KK),  Jean Liebermann (JL),   Bib Nieman (BN), and Janie Petersen (JP).  Also some that I have met on the Internet have offered to send me digital photo files of laces they had photographed, owned, or made themselves.  Among these are Alix Hengen-Muhlen of Luxembourg, Ilske Thomsen of Hamburg and Lia Baumeister-Jonker.   Each has contributed something I couldn't acquire from the others; all are valuable.   I am grateful to them all.   

I made some photos of laces on exhibit at past lace conventions.  In those cases everyone who offered a piece for the exhibit had to agree to allow people to photo their laces as a condition of being permitted to have a piece on display.  In those cases I may not have tracked down the individual owner, but am basing my use of the photos I took myself on the conditions attached to the exhibit.  (Anyone who finds their lace here and objects is welcome to contact me and ask me to remove the laces from my website.)

None of the photos are from books  All are scans of lace laid directly on a flatbed scanner, or scans of photos or slides that I myself took (in a few cases photos that others took and passed to me as digital files).   Some recent ones were taken with a digital camera.   In those cases where no owner, maker or designer is specified, assume it is myself.

The following abbreviations have been used in identifying the photographs (no specific identifier means myself):
  c/o collection of (from the collection of) This usually means the lacemaker is unknown.
  d/b designed by
  f/bb from book by (unknown if author of book designed it or if it is traditional pattern)
  g/o gift of (in my collection, given to me by)
  m/b made by, lace worked by (if other than myself)
  ph/b photograph by
  w/b workshop by (design used in a workshop by a specific teacher, but the specific designer is unknown)

Authors' and teachers' abbreviations:

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