Battenberg, a Mixed Lace

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I'm using "Battenberg" as a generic name for laces made from a narrow  machine woven tape, held together by needle lace stitches.  Sometimes the term "tape lace" is used for this, but I am using that term for bobbin made laces.  The working method for Battenberg is to mark the design on a cloth, which is only a temporary scaffolding.  The machine tape is basted to the marked cloth.  Then needlelace stitches are worked, hooking them into the machine tape, but not piercing the cloth at all.

  329 328 c/o JL

Piece 329 above shows the lace at an early stage of working: the tape has been basted down, needle made rings put into position, but no other connecting needle lace stitches have been made.  The piece on the right, 328, was made from the same master pattern.  The needlelace connecting stitches have been worked, but the cloth center still needs to be permanently attached to the lace.

   254 c/o MFB   249 c/o LH

     274 c/o JL  This piece and the one below are made with a shaped tape that looks more like the bobbin made lace parts would look.  These tapes are called "Princess" tapes.

          275 c/o JL

The last photo above right shows the reverse of the oval mat.  If you look closely you can see that the net  lies on top of, the tapes.  So this was made by basting the tapes to the machine made net, and then cutting the net away from part of the back of the motifs, so that the motif centers would look empty except for the needle made stitches.

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