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One rarely finds laces earlier than 1700 in private collections.  So where I can find laces of that time period on the internet, I will put in links.

These are from LePompe 1559, worked by myself from woodcuts.  These laces were precursors to Genoese.  
LePompe lace 24 LePompe lace 9  41 46
102 lh Design from LePompe 115 lh Design from LePompe 24 LH Design from LePompe LH  Design from LePompe 1562 41 LH  Design from LePompe 1559 LH  Design from LePompe 1562
For a tape lace similar to the tape designs in LePompe, see this piece from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
Accession # 09.68.74   

A collection of   very early straight laces.   Genoese and LePompe

Genoese bobbin lace:

his collar lace is similar in date to LePompe, probably mid 16th century to early 17th century.

These are from the mid 1600s:         and

Santina Levey does not distinguish between old Valenciennes and old Binche: since the towns were very close together, they were both making the same laces.  The distinction only becomes important with Revival Era laces c.1900.

Very early Val/Binche  late 1600s                                       *
Look here for a modern copy of an Antwerp lace from the mid to late 17th century.  From a book by N. Andries CAROLUSKANTJES.  mb/Patty Dowden.
496 IT 499 IT    

If you compare very early Brussels to Flemish tape laces, you will see they are very close.  But Brussels begins to use motifs which require extra threads to be hung in and later cut out.  There is more careful shaping of these motifs as time goes on.  See  Pottenkant    for photos of Flemish & Milanese tape laces.       Compare to    18th c Brussels             Brabant       Bath Brussels     19th c Duchesse 

These are very early Brussels, c. 1690-1710                                                *  
157 bn 719 lh reverse    

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