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Part/Sectional Laces:

Duchesse:                       bk mk

  Duchesse lace Duchesse bobbin lace Duchesse bobbin lace Several lacemakers are discernable after a close study of this piece.  Not all the double layer leaves are made the same.  Some are crude, some elegant.  A highly skilled expert would not stoop to making sloppy lace, as some of the repeats are.

Duchesse was a direct outgrowth of 18th century Brussels.  It just became somewhat simpler and a little larger in scale.
335 bh 212 lh 169 lh 167 lh 123 IT
  These are bobbin made motifs appliqued onto machine made net.  This type only appeared during the 19th century when machine made net became available.      
320 jl        

 See also   Duchesse by living lacemakers, and also     fine bloomwork,     Rosaline      Withof     which developed out of Duchesse.

Honiton:            bk mk

First Half of 19th century       See also  Bath Brussels, its precursor, and Honiton, its modern development, by living lacemakers.     Honiton, like Duchesse, is a direct outgrowth of 18th century part laces. 

Honiton bobbin lace  Honiton bobbin lace  The existence of machine made net, invented around 1780 and readily available by the mid 19th century, spurred the creation of this mixed form where hand made motifs were appliquéd onto a machine made net ground.  The scale of the handwork is quite fine.    
760 lh 47 ek      

Mid century    

  Honiton bobbin lace Honiton bobbin lace Honiton bobbin lace Honiton bobbin lace
53 ek 51 ek 48 ek 49 ek 50 ek

Late: the Best Honiton Could Produce.  The best Honiton often had great attempts at realistic depiction of natural plant forms.  The folded over leaves are an example of this.  Duchesse usually stayed with stylized motifs, a great variety of flower shapes, but they are always generic flowers, not recognizable species.  When I first saw this piece the needle made rings threw me off and I thought it might be Duchesse.  Duchesse frequently has needle made parts added, but this is rare in Honiton.  Honiton prefers to add complex bobbin made fillings instead, as in 760 and 47 above.

45 ek    

Very Late: Slugs & Snails Honiton

Honiton bobbin lace Honiton bobbin lace      
54 ek 52 ek      

Tape Laces:


Russian tape lace        
96 ek        


I think this may be Idrija because laces from that district tended to have a very narrow and very dense tape with no openwork edge on the tape.  The Russian piece  above does have an open edge in the tape itself.      
346 bh        


bobbin tape lace  Czech bobbin lace       
422 nh 421 nh      
tape lace bobbin tape lace Czech bobbin lace    
413 nh 409nh 408 nh    

See also  very early tape lace, Milanese tape laceRevival Era Milanese and   tape laces by Living Lacemakers.

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