Napoleonic Era Bobbin Lace
  1790 to c. 1825
Antique Bobbin Lace

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The straight laces of this time period are very distinct in style and easily recognized.  During the first part of this era the laces had a straight headside, the motifs were small and lay on the very edge of the headside.  The ground area was spotted with some small design element repeated in a neat geometric array: square tallies. little gimp circles, small gimp flowers, slightly developed small sprigs.  In the 1820s the headside began to be scalloped again.  These laces could be made with either point ground or Mechlin ground.  The designs for both were very similar and you have to look really closely to be sure which it is.

Mechlin bobbin lace Mechlin lace Point ground bobbin lace
17 ek Mechlin gnd 16 ek 1800-1820 Mechlin gnd 19 EK probably 1820s detail     Mechlin gnd 547 IT point ground


 These laces in general formed the design basis on which later 19th century straight laces developed.

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