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All the laces on this page were made by living lacemakers.   The initials are the lace maker's name.   In some cases, I know who the designer is.  In this case I have marked it db/ plus the initials of the designer.  See Abbreviations for interpretation of the initials.  See Learning Samples for simpler, learning laces for these kinds.  I made the ones initialed LH.  Pieces I've made from my own designs are on the  My Bobbinlace  page.  Bobbinlace is an art form which still finds adherents.

Straight Laces (Continuous Laces)

Simple Weave: One Pair Enters at Each Pin

Torchon                     *    See also

99 LH  dfb/b EG     433 LH KK VfdF 432 ld
455 nh     461 nh  
    774 ahm    

Point Ground Laces 

Tonder                          *                See also   19th century point groumd      Point Ground Laces    See also learning samples.

66 ds Vadstena type   69 ds 69 det 67 DS
68 DS 71 DS 72 DS 73 DS 82 ds
75ds 76 ds 77 ds    79 ds 80 ds

81 DS 83 DS      

Bucks Point
70 DS d/b Channer 78 DS Not sure if this is an English or Danish design. 74 ds    

103 LH d/b Cook & Stott 717 LH from w/b GS   718 LH  fbb/Cook & Stott  
790 kh possibly Swiss design    

Miss Channer's Mat:

Chantilly                       *                    See also  19th century Chantilly  

541 DC  
521 dcollyer 522  dc 523 dc 524 dc


Complex Weave: Two Pairs Enter at Each Pin

Flanders                                 *    See also

  See also
 early 18th century Flanders or
 mid 18th century Flanders.
85 ds  fbb/VC 504 hd      
598 LH db/RDK 598 d/b RDK 563  LH fbb/MN 489 LH fbb/VC 133 LH designer unknown
127 LH   Flanders d/b Rombach de Kievid        

A spectacular modern Flanders, designed by Anne-Marie Verbeke-Billiet, worked by Clay Blackwell:



Binche                             *      See also

528 Sally Schoenberg of Anchorage 529 ss fbb/AMVB 530 ss 537 JDG fbb/AMVB vol. I 538  JDG fbb/AMVB vol I
800 fbb/Annick Staes    LH 132 fbb/AMVB    LH      

For many examples of beautiful modern Binche, see:

 See also 18th century Binche/Valenciennes.

Paris Lace


For several examples of modern Paris lace, see:

Mechlin Lace


Guipure (Bar/Braid) Based Laces:

Cluny                                          *  See also

139 LH db/LP Corner design by LH. 416 LD 385 LH db/DMC
Corner design by LH
721 LH d/b E Lawrence

    See also  LePuy guipure   and   continental floral guipure.

460 LH fbb/AVO 722 LH dfb/b LF 535 LH    

A Spanish type of Cluny, in process.

Eeva Lisa Kortelahti's designs are in a class by themselves:

  84 DS d/b elk

Bedfordshire:                                                   *     See also

458 LH fbb/PN 417 LH fb/MH 2.5 457 LH    
Bedfordshire bobbin lace
#468 LH fbb/BU #7     474 LH  designed by Barbara Underwood, pattern #8, enlarged to 180%, worked in Bockens linen 50/2. 475 LH designed by Barbara Underwood, #9, enlarged to 180%, worked in Bockens linen 50/2.
Bedfordshire collar Bedfordshire collar Bedfordshire bobbin lace
467 m/b Ilske Thomsen. Pattern from B. Underwood Bedfordshire bobbin lace 467 Bedfordshire collar 467 27  IT    fbb/BU 100 PD

Other Bedfordshire:

And more::          

            See also   19th century Bedfordshire.

Wire Laces

761 Diana S. d/b ls 762 Diana S. d/b ls 763 Diana S. d/b ls 764 Diana S d/b ls

Part/Sectional Laces

Tape Lace      also called "braid lace"                   * 

See also  and    

This first group are all from DMC DIE KLOEPPELSPITZEN.    Look for      Dillmont, Thérèse de. Les Dentelles aux Fuseaux IIme Serie [Bobbin Laces, Second Series
488 LH db/DMC
Motif extracted from part of a corner design.
382 LH db/DMC motif extracted from corner of #434. 434 LH db/DMC 211 LH db/DMC
  168 LH f/bb DMC detail  

         See also      very early tape lace       

728 LH fbb/MM       462 NH  

My original tape lace designs.               See My Books and Patterns for ordering pdf files of these designs.
 T 1   T 2     T4   T5 
 T6 40/2 linen   T6 #80 Cordonnet   T7  40/2 linen    T7  #70 Cordonnet   
 T12   T15    T22    T22   

Modern Milanese bobbin lace:


Schneeberg Tape Lace 

db Lia/ Baumeister, wb/Devon Thein    

Bruges Bloomwork                               *  See also

Bruges Bloomwork
90 DS 89 DS 87 DS 92 PA 384 LH fbb/ES
    See also  revival era Bruges - fine Bloomwork
91 DS      

By Mark Myers from an Edna Sutton pattern

Chrysanten Work, a variant form of Bruges Bloomwork

435 c/o LH 88 DS      


Cantu                           *    See also

See also  Revival Cantu    
101 PD      

Links to modern Italian executions of Cantu designs:


Mirecourt, a French version of Bruges Bloomwork, larger in scale than Duchesse:      

See also


Duchesse                           *  See also

Duchesse bobbin lace    
173 LH db/SJ 170 kk  db/KK      

                     See also  19th century Duchesse     

Rosaline                             *    See also

Withof                                      *   See also

For more photos of Withof bobbin lace, see
564 CH db/SJ 726 LH db/SJ 456 LH db/SJ    

Honiton Flat                                                      *    See also

Honiton bobbin lace - macro scale       See also  Bath Brussels    and   19th century Honiton. 
730 LH fbb/ST        

Honiton with Raised Work                                            

Honiton bobbin lace - raised work sampler
Raised Honiton bobbin lace
Honiton bobbin lace - raised work sampler
Raised Honiton bobbinlace
597 LH fbb/PV     720 LH fbb/EL  

3D Part Lace:

Contemporary Art Lace:

lace150 d/b w/b Ilske Thomsen of Hamburg.  "Spring Crack" lace 124 Moon and Sun d/b w/b Ilske Thomsen Waterlily lace 125 d/b w/b Ilske Thomsen. See Waterlily for free pattern. Rainbow Over the Sea d/b w/b Ilske Thomsen
Spitze Winkel Rot 3    
lace138 Ilske Thomsen's Spitze Winkel, for her "Room and Form" project lace163 by Ilske Thomsen of Hamburg, "Rot 3", 2011.  This and the previous one were exhibited in the DKV Kloeppelspitzen Kongress in Bad Pyrmont 2011.    

Other contemporary bobbin lace:

On my pinterest board.

Patty Dowden:

Other kinds of bobbin lace by living lacemakers:

Experiments with computer generated stretched grids:

Pattern sources:

Free patterns:

To view more contemporary bobbin lace go to do a search on "bobbin lace" and then click on "images".  You will get 25000 photos, mostly current work.  Also see flickr for more photos of current bobbin lace.

Also see   This is a group of people who do bobbin lace, and photos of laces from exhibitions in Europe.


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