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Part/Sectional Laces:

Flemish/Milanese Tape

Tebbs' ART OF BOBBIN LACE, originally published 1908, shows several examples of what she variously called Milanese or Flemish lace.  But the clothwork is generally somewhat simpler than the really old Flemish and Milanese laces I've seen at the Art Institute of Chicago, and the shapes of the motifs are somewhat different, too.  And in the case of #175 below, the shape of the object  is something that never occurred in the old Flemish and Milanese tape laces.  That deep v shape fits with 1900 fashion.  The old laces always had a straight headside, not scalloped or indented.  Also see old Milanese.      *


revival Milanese lace
55 ek     174 bn  


175 rh          


349 bh This object also has a shape that never occurred in old Flemish or old Milanese tape laces.  This piece has discrete motifs rather than a continuous tape.        


Revival Era Old Flemish:                                               *

This group below is all similar to a coarse Duchesse on the scale of the fine bloomwork below, but all have a needle made ground.  The clothwork in both technique and style are similar to fine bloomwork, but the needle made ground is unusual.  I don't know its region of origin.  I've seen several examples of this kind but have not been able to pin down where it was made. 

Refer to Tebbs' names for the laces she was teaching.    Tebbs, L.A. The Art of Bobbin Lace, Chapman and Hall, 1907, 105 pages. Note: Scanned images provided by Tess Parrish. Posted May 9, 2006. SAMPLE PAGE. CONTENTS. File size 6.7 MB PDF   These are all part laces (freeform laces).
Tebbs, L.A. and Rosa Tebbs. The Art of Bobbin Lace Supplement, Chapman and Hall, 1911, 87 pages. Note: Scanned images provided by Tess Parrish. Posted May 9, 2006. SAMPLE PAGE. CONTENTS. File size 10.3 MB PDF

338 bh   166 bn  


165 bn      

Fine Bloomwork (Duchesse on a larger scale and simpler)                      *

Fine Bloomwork  
178 lh 176 ek 390 nh  
fine bloomwork
177 mfb 123 IT 98 lh 209 lh 208 lh

Mirecourt          What were they thinking!      180 rh                        *


Cantu:  I don't know when this style developed, but it may deliberately echo Milanese, which often had little curly flower heads at the beginnings of tapes.  Compare Cantu to 17th century Antwerp laces.      See modern Cantu.                                                *

Cantu bobbin lace Cantu bobbinlace    
188 mmp                      


Rosaline was a deliberate revision of Duchesse, with the intent to make it faster.  The edge stitch on the motifs is simpler, and usually, there were not so great a variety of motifs.                                                                                                        *

Rosaline bobbin lace 61 lh                             Also look at this, last 2 photos on the page.  And that.


Tape Laces                                                               *

  Idrija: a mining town in Slovenia.                               *

This regional style of tape lace often incorporates motifs reminiscent of part laces.  The tapes themselves tend to be very narrow and very dense, with the outer perimeter made more open.

Idrija bobbin lace  
724 lh   190 kk    
Idrija tape lace
 293 jl 198 don   197 don  

Russian     These below were made in Russia during the 20th century, brought to the U.S. by a recent immigrant.                        *

Russian tape lace
732 c/o lh   737 elena 736 elena
Russian tape lace    
733 elena 734 elena    

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