Christmas Card 2014
  A Good Idea by Ilske Thomsen of Hamburg

  © Ilske Thomsen 2014

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Take a cardboard in a color you like, but a "smooth“ one. Mine was rugged which isn’t easy to cut.  Paint your tree on it in a way you can see on mine. Than cut out several pieces. Border the lines with golden or silver paint or glitter.

Choose the piece of lace for each gap and glue it behind a gap.  You see on my card that I folded one of the branches towards the back of the card, and in that case the inner sheet must cover both sides.

If you prefer doing the lace too choose a very fine one like Honiton or Binche and work little pieces with different grounds for the gaps. If you take a very fine thread you can use every existing ground. 

At the end clue another paper in a fitting color over all the lace pieces. It’s better to write your greetings on this sheet before. Choose an envelop and send it away.


A gift from Ilske, December 2014


Last Edited:       06/16/18