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Knitting, crochet and tatting are all single thread techniques.  That is, the worker manipulates only one very long thread and makes the entire fabric from this one thread.  Knitting makes loops, crochet makes chains, and tatting makes knots.  They each use distinctive tools which are usually recognized by most people, except perhaps for tatting shuttles.

  Tatting shuttles can be in different sizes for different thicknesses of thread: wood, plastic and metal are used.  Tatting always consists of little rings with tiny loops.  There may also be arched bars, and more rarely oval leaf shapes.   The loops may be decorative but are also used as the method of linking the small rings together.  The oval leaf shapes are called Cluny tatting.

tatting  319 c/o JL     317 c/o JL     753 c/o LH

255 c/o MFB    602  c/o CALG

    617  m/b JM 

  771 m/b JM    772  m/b JM      616 m/b MC  

      610  c/o JC       608 m/b JC                    

   752 c/o LH    755 c/o LH    754 c/o LH     756 m/b LH    

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These are good teaching videos:

Knitted lace:  knitting usually makes a solid, stretchy fabric that we are also familiar with.  But it can also be made with decorative holes and very fine thread to produce a lacy fabric.

knitted lace 270 c/o MFB     791   reverse side c/o CG

       290 c/o JL

 knitted lace    611 c/o NH

   609 m/b JC    792 m/b CG

A spectacular knitted lace made by Hazel Roots designed by Herbert Nieblings:  frosted ferns - knitted lace

Another by Hazel Roots

Crochet can also make lacy fabrics.  One form, filet crochet, makes designs based on square cells, and is actually an imitation of filet lacis (made with a needle).  See Compare for an example.

It is Irish Crochet which is generally considered as lace.  Much of it was made in the 19th century and it was an attempt to imitate Duchesse or Honiton bobbin lace.  What distinguishes Irish crochet from ordinary crochet is that it creats raised effects, padded areas and double layers for relief.

  286   267 c/o MFB  These are very simple, with only the multilayered rose motif.

  Irish crochet      306 c/o JL           330 c/o JL

    266 c/o MFB    287 c/o JL       Irish crochet 268 c/o MFB   288 c/o JL       305 c/o JL            304 c/o JL     

An online community for knitting and crochet:

There is a very active group of highly skilled Irish crochetters on Ravelry:   Joining is free.

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