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All the bobbinlace on this page is lace which I designed, and I made nearly all of them.. (F10, F17 and the V neck collar version of T22 were made by others.)   In a few cases another lacemaker made the sample for me.  Her initials are attached to the image in those few cases.  Many of these are available as pdf files.  See My Books & Patterns for Sale  My original pieces include torchon bobbin lace, bobbin tape lace and part lace (sectional lace).

Part Laces:      The triangular pieces are corner designs.

   bobbin lace F1    bobbin lace  F2   bobbin lace  F3       F10 mb/DS        bobbin lace    F4    

   F17 mb/LD   bobbin lace  mb/LD

Neck Laces:

          NL 1 The design is entirely worked in rib stitch (tenstick).

   bobbin lace  NL2   bobbin lace   NL 4

Tape Laces:                                                                                                                                  *

bobbin tape lace  T1  tape lace T2  t4  T4  bobbin tape lace   T5     bobbin tape lace  T6          T7    bobbin tape lace  T22   tape lace  T22  V neck collar work in process T22  V neck collar in process by NH

bobbin tape lace T36   tape lace T39    bobbin tape lace T12   tape/braid lace T15



Patterns for some of these tape laces and part laces above are available as pdf files from  My Books and Patterns  Eventually all will be available.

My booklet INTRODUCTION TO RUSSIAN TAPE LACE, 1983, revised 2010, is now available as a pdf file.

Torchon:                                                                                *

bobbin lace  R12             R25  These are a pair. I made R25 with the left over bobbins from R12.

torchon bobbin lace         R27


torchon bobbin lace  R29   bobbin lace  R29o Available as a pdf download.  See My Books & Patterns.

Torchon Bobbin Lace:      These below are a selection  from my torchon pattern book.  See  My Books and Patterns  for ordering details.  Available now in printed form, comb binding, in color.                                                                                                                  *

torchon bobbin lace   bobbin lace   torchon bobbin lace  All are R30, but different interpretations.

  torchon_bobbin_lace       R47  *These are different interpretations of the same pattern.

      torchon bobbin lace  R32            R7

 torchon lace  R35         torchon bobbin lace  torchon bobbin lace R53       torchon bobbin lace  R14

     R50  Two interpretations of the same pattern.

  R 40  torchon bobbin lace R41     torchon bobbin lace R46 

Torchon bobbin lace  R33


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