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These are needle laces that I have made.  I'm including even my very early learning pieces.  They are messy and some lack good tension.  I'm showing them to encourage others.  If your early pieces are like mine you can still develop enough skill, with practice, to make beautiful lace.

My 1st needlelace project
 Needle lace made by LH  oth227
 This is my first piece,  made in an effort to understand the working method of needle lace. 
my 2nd needle lace
Oak Leaf oth217
Double Brussels, single Brussels, corded single Brussels   LH      Pattern by Lenore English, posted on NEEDLELACETALK.

my 3rd needle lace
Elm Leaf oth218
My third needle lace motif.  Worked in 20/2 linen.
Same stitches.  LH 
Pattern by Lenore English, posted on needlelacetalk.
my 4th needle lace
Maple Leaf oth223
Double Brussels, whipped single Brussels, attempts at decorative holes, needlewoven stem.
Threads Kulort Lingarn 16/2 as outline threads, HV Garn 40/2 as lace thread (no longer manufactured).
oth223  LH   Pattern from the Guild of Needle Laces.
needlelace oth199
oth199 LH
Pattern by Irma Osterman in an old IOLI Bulletin.
Stitches, clockwise from 12 noon: corded Brussels, twisted buttonhole, whipped twisted buttonhole, corded bh,
whipped twisted bh, treble bh, corded bh, double bh.
needle lace sampler
needlelace flower oth236     LH
Corded Brussels, treble Brussels, pea stitch, pea stitch variation.  Pattern from 

needlelace leafspray oth147 LH

Working needlelace is about juxtaposing density and textural differences in a beautiful and balanced way.

 Needle Lace Leaf Spray
needle lace leaf spray oth 200. My original design. Corded Brussels & 4 variants of pea stitch.  LH
needle lace flower - pattern from Nenia Lovesey
Needlelace flower, pattern from Nenia Lovesey, worked in Cordonnet #30. Single Brussels, twisted buttonhole, whipped twisted buttonhole, pea stitch, double Brussels, corded Brussels.
needle lace maple leaf
Maple leaf oth233
pearl 5 as outline thread, Anchor broder cotton #25 as lace thread. Corded single Brussels (vein is twisted Brussels), double Brussels, single Brussels. oth 233  LH  I used a real maple leaf as the pattern.
needlelace Elm leaf
needle lace leaf
Worked in Lisbeth #20.  Pattern from Lenore English, posted on NEEDLELACETALK.
needle lace leaf LH
Pattern from Guild of Needle Laces Book I.  I used Sulky #12 quilting cotton on an enlarged pattern.


These are needle laces in the style of reticella.  I used the "fil de trace" method.  I first put in tacking stitches along all the major structural lines, then ran the outline thread under the little stitches.                                                      *
reticella lace LH  oth205 needlelace reticella style LH  reticella needle lace  LH  reticella needlelace LH  
Reticella needle lace. 4.25 inches- linen 20/2.  For the working sequence see this. Reticella needlelace. 4.5 inches, linen 20/2. oth252x   Reticella needle lace oth253.  To see all the stages for this piece look at this. Reticella needlelace 759x.  Design from CM Ricci.  For working sequence look here.  I worked it at 125% of original size and used 70/2 linen for outlines and lace thread.


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