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The patterns below may be copied for personal use, but copying to another website is specifically prohibited.  Links to this page or website are welcome.

bookmark sampler pattern #1  Needle Lace Tutorial Sampler bookmark sampler #2  needlelace bookmark sampler oth201   Try out some basic stitches on the bookmark sampler and then use one of the leaf sprays below as your actual practice piece.   In the sample at right I used linen: 35/3 as cordonnet, 40/2 as lace thread, 40/2 and 70/2 for buttonholing the cordonnet. 

Go to Needlelace Stitches for some stitch diagrams and photos.   Go to Needle Lace Tutorial for detailed instructions on setting up and working this simple sampler.  It is an opportunity to try out the method and some stitches.
 bookmark sampler pattern  #4a  needle-lace-sampler needle-lace-samplerneedle-lace-sampler


wide ovals needlelace bookmark pattern Original size: 9 3/4 inches or
24.5 cm
suggestions for stitch variations diagram for wide oval pattern
long ovals needlelace bookmark pattern Original size: 9inches or
22.5 cm
diagram for long ovals needlelace bookmark pattern  
For either of these in the Original size use #20 or 30 cordonnet cotton, or pearl 8 as lace filling thread.  If you use a thicker outline thread, try cordonnet #10 as outline thread.

For 75% of original size use #20 or 30 cordonnet for outline threads, and # 40 or 50 cordonnet for lace thread.
  pathway for outline threads   

Maple leaf  oth233     
maple leaf needle lace pattern  outline threads and stitches begun more stitches completed needle lace maple leaf


Leaf spray 2 oth247      
needle lace leafspray #2 couching the outline some needle lace fillings worked For leaf spray #2 use the same outline thread path as for the pattern below.  Use whatever lace stitches you want to try out.  If either pattern is too large and ambitious, cut off the bottom half and use only part of the pattern.  I used pearl 5 as outline threads and Aurifil 12 as lace threads.  Aurifil 12 is comparable to pearl cotton #12. diagram for outline thread path
leafspray #2 needle lace Top center: single Brussels
Left 1: corded double Brussels
Left 2: corded single Brussels
Left 3: Pea st variant 4
Left 4: corded Brussels
Left 5: Pea st variant 1
Left 6: corded Brussels
Right 1: corded Brussels
Right 2: treble Brussels
Right 3: corded Brussels
Right 4: pea st variant 3
Right 5: corded Brussels
Right 6: corded treble Brussels
Stem: spiders
Each leaf is connected to its neighbor 2x by Alencon bars.  I was trying out Venetian picots also, but wasn't consistent.  


Leaf spray 1  oth 200     
Needlelace leaf spray F36 Needle Lace Sampler F36  F36 Needlelace  This design assumes you know how to set up a pattern.  A diagram of the outline thread path is included, as are stitch diagrams.  Use whatever stitches you want to try.  I used pearl 5 as outline thread and Aurifil 12 as lace threads. schematic diagram for outline thread path
the cordonnet has been couched down some lace filling stitches worked Each leaf is connected to its neighbor 2x by Alencon bars.  The same bars connect the 2 sides of the stem together.  The dense leaves are corded single Brussels. Leaf top left is pea st 1, left 3 is pea st 3, right 1 is pea st 2, right 2 is pea st 4. Twisted bar to connect leaves together


Reticella square  oth253new 
reticella lace reticello needle lace
  This pattern is based on 2 small motifs from C. M. Ricci DISEGNI DI TRAFORI.  I put them together and added the looped edge.  See Reticella needle lace for the working sequence that I used for this piece.  I used the fil de trace method for laying the cordonnet, but other pathways are possible.

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