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I don't claim expertise in identifying specific styles of needlelace.  I will display my photos in groups by design type.


Geometric needle laces:                                                                                      *

  needle lace   needlelace   298 c/o JL       

 needlelace 297 c/o JL            

 needlelace   needle lace 299 c/o JL

Other geometric needle laces:



Very simple flat curvilinear laces:

   needlelace  needle lace   needlelace   needlelace  214 c/o LH

  needle lace 391 c/o NH


Flat curvilinear laces with mesh ground:

Burano needle lace    Burano lace  364 c/o LK  Lenore Keane thought this might be Burano.


Point de Gaze (last half 19th century):                    *

needlelace  needle lace    point de gaze needle lace      poing de gaze needlelace rings

 point de gaze needlelace twigs  point de gaze needle lace   needle lace  point de gaze needle lace point de gaze  point de gaze lace        216 c/o   LH


 point de gaze needle lace  point de gaze   point de gaze lace reverse side reverse side 204  c/o   DON      


 point de gaze needlelace   point de gaze    point de gaze lace    needlelace  202  c/o  DON

Other antique point de gaze needle lace:  For stitches typical of this lace look here.



Flat curvilinear laces with bar ground:

  needlelace     needle lace    needle lace  230 c/o DON

   needle lace    needle lace  needlelace   231 c/o DON

needle lace 378 c/o LK


    needle lace  needlelace    needle lace      352  c/o  BH

    needlelace  needlelace   needle lace   355  c/o   BH

needle lace   needle lace leaf    needlelace    353  c/o   BH     


Bar grounded laces with semi-raised outlines:


  needle lace   needle lace     needlelace  needle lace  310  c/o  JL


 needle lace    needle lace   needlelace 359   c/o   LK




Curvilinear laces with raised outlines:   possibly Venetian gros point                   *


gros point needle lace   Venetian gros point needle lace  222  c/o  Rosemary Horr            Venetian gros point needle lace  785  c/o  Ilske Thomsen

Antique Venetian gros point needlelace:   See this for stitches used in gros point.


Online needlelace images:


Antique needle laces


This is a link to a free download of superb close-up photos of a highly sculpted Venetian Gros Point.  File is 4.2 mb.  Clicking on it will immediately start the download.  


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